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Full Version: Honest Sellers
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"Honest Sellers", Credit where credit is due, I have recently and successfully acquired two very good condition HP calculators from these two people, (hpzoeker@hotmail.com), (ecjmuijen@zonnet.nl), after seeing their advertisments on MoHP. I thought a little thank you via the forum would not go amiss as the whole transaction was very efficent and honestly played out. I have done this with their permission in reaction to the (probably rare) times that people are duped. Maybe other buyers and sellers could do this with a search phrase in their text so that any prospective buyer or seller can search for good transactions.

Thank you very much Richard. All credit is for you. It always is a matter of trust (since a buyer often pays in advance for something he or she didn't actually see). But is always a pleasant surprise that everything works out fine.