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Full Version: old sharp calculator commercial
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Just thought I would share these links to two old sharp calculator commercials



Commercial for the Sharp LC-8 (aka Sharp EL-8) calculator the world's first battery operated portable calculator

In case the links don't work just go to archive.org and search in the prelinger archive for calculator

Thanks for the links!
The EL-8 is my favorite vintage machine, named by my daughter as the "chubby" one, for big pockets.
Those commercials add greatly to my attempts to document these early devices, and there is no way I would likley have found them on my own.
Now I wonder if any will show up for lets say, the panasonic JE series (shades of the Jetsons!), or maby the HP-35? How neat to see one for the 41c on the space shuttle!


At http://www.archive.org/movies/thumbnails.php?id=3669, wich is the preview of a program called 'Palmtops', I see both a HP-19BII Business Consultant, a HP-12C (at least I think so), and presumable in the end a HP17BII.
I have not yet downloaded the entire program, so I do not know what the talks are about...