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Full Version: Using a HP 110+ Notebook as a Display for the 41
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Hi, I currently have the beta of EMU41 for the Portable Plus and HP's own HPLINK utility running on my Portable Plus computer. I want to use my Portable Plus as a emulated display device for my HP-41CX Calculator via a HP-IL link, but EMU-41 does not support this on the portable plus (correct?) and I really have no idea how the HPLINK utility that comes in the unit's ROM works (can someone explain it to me?). I know Trans41 can act as a display, but it won't run on the Portable Plus at all.

Can anyone point me towards an appropriate software package for this task, or otherwise help me with my current situation?

EDIT: Also, I'm looking to change my prompt on this machine to a more standardized dos prompt at boot. I remember reading this could be done by establishing a PAM.ENV file, but I have no idea what format this file uses. Does anyone know what sort of parameters I would put in it?



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Hi Ray,

You're right, Emu41 for P+ doesn't allow an external HP41 to access the internal (emulated) HP-IL devices.

Years ago, I wrote a program to use P+ display and keyboard with the HP-71B. It can also be used with a HP-41 (for display only). This program is still in an EPR0M in my P+, contact me.

Can you tell us how you transfered Emu41 to your P+? This question was asked recently (I don't remember if it was you...) and I was unable to provide a reliable solution (HPLINK doesn't work on modern PC).


It was me, I simply used the 9114B (not sure if that's the right number) floppy drive to transfer the file, and that worked quite well.

Thanks, I'll contact you by email.

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I transfered HPILLINK to my 110 using the 110's built in terminal program and hyperterminal on windows. I think I typed up a procedure, if you're interested in it let me know.


Yeah, I have HPILLINK on my 110+ in ROM.

My loss is, I can't figure out how to use it. Any help?

Hi Andy, do you know a way to transfer *binary* files with the term utility? I can only transfer *ascii* files.


As strange as it may sound, I remember transfering HPILLINK to my 110 using its built in terminal software and it worked. However, other binary files I xfered to the 110 did not work.

One curious property I noticed of HPILLINK is that its size on disc is 36,864 bytes which is exactly divisible by 8 (=4608). I noticed that sending binary files which are not factors of 8 would be automatically rounded to a factor of 8 by the built in software. Try transferring hpillink and let me know if it works for you (by the way, I only have a 110, not a 110+).

Also, there's an old DOS program called "ASCIFY" which converts a binary program to an ascii string. ASCIFY works on the 110, and I have had success using this program to transfer other binary files to the 110 using the terminal software.

Now I have a 9114 :)


Hi Ray,

The manual for hpillink is on the mohpc ftp site. Just go to ftp://ftp.hpmuseum.org/lif/hpillink/ and you'll find it (log in as anonymous).


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