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Full Version: Emulators from HP
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received my emulator cd from hp today.- Will load it up and try it out tonight. Anyone else get their copy?


HP makes the emulators for the new calculators available only to educators! It sure would be nice if HP sold these emulators to anyone.


Ahh yes, I recieved mine today also. I was quite amazed when I first installed it. It asked me if I wanted to install the source code for the emulators also. I was asking myself why HP would be giving away their source code. I said yes, and carried on. I opened the emulator, and it had an option to point to the EMU48 directory. As far as I can tell, this is EMU48 (which is why the source code was included)

Further investigations say yes. I clicked on the Help menu and clicked the "About EMU48" button. It is EMU48 exactly. It seems to be EMU 1.35+

Wow... the interface is quite nice (for someone who has never used EMU48). If people wish, I can upload some screen shots.

It is incredibley fast.

One question, as far as I can tell, there is no reason not to post this software online, right? My guess is that HP did not post it to give a reason for people to buy their calculator. It never asked me to upload a rom or anything. You tell me.

I will be happy to answer any questions. My cal teacher should be getting the 33s emulator soon.

-Ben Salinas

see this comp.sys.hp48 thread:

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