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Full Version: HHC2004 - coming? If so, let them know!
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HHC2004 is just 3 weeks away! A preliminary speakers list and topics have been published. Talks about third-party applications for the 49g+, present and future PDAs, a couple of talks/analysis of HP keyboards, writing programs for the 33S, a unique look at the insides of an HP calculator, and lots more.

The conference is in San Jose, CA.

See you there!

Are the photos from the 2003 conference ever going to be released?

Will there eventually be a HHC200X conferece here in Europe?



1) I dont' know. I would hope so, but since I didn't take them and don't control the website. ... :-) However, I will be taking pictures at HHC2004, so I can make sure those are published one way or the other.

2) Regarding Europe, the 1997 and 2002 conferences were in London. All it takes is someone or a group willing to sign up to organize one.

Potential rumors already for 2005 somewhere near Atlanta or down in Texas.


Re conferences in Europe :

The HPCC 2004 Mini-conference is next Saturday (11 September) in London (England!). It's not such a grand event as the full conferences (although that is not necessarily a bad thing!) but we do have 4 or 5 short talks planned, there should be some toys (old and not-so-old) to play with, and so on.

There should be more details on http://www.hpcc.org/ -- get in touch with the committee if you want to come and are not a member of HPCC.

I've got nine images from HHC2003 posted on my site at
http://www.pahhc.org/video.htm ... I should get more up

Jake Schwartz

It's funny how things work out. Last year I really wanted to attend, but wasn't able to make it. This year I'm able to go, but no longer have any interest in doing so...