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Full Version: HP48GX on button broke
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The 'on' button on my 48GX is broke. It only works when I press it really hard. And I'm not to keen on doing that.

Does anybody know where I can have it fixed (in the Netherlands) or how I can repair it myself ?

Thanks !

I have recently experienced exactly as you have described. I understand that HP no longer supports this device.

Is this a common problem?

In any case, I too would like some feed back as to the best solution to a fix.

Thanks in advance, Brian

fixthatcalc.com would be the easiest solution.

There is a relatively easy work around, press above the first and second soft menu keys at the top while turning on the ON button. 95% of the time this is what allows you to turn on your calculator. Details on why are found elsewhere on the forum. Also not a hard fix, but the company above can probably do a prettier job.

After reading further forum questions, I found the answer to my 48's issue, please see:

"Re: How to cook an HP without putting it in the microwave"

Apparently it is a compression connection issue. Does anyone have a resonable fix for this besides using a C-clamp to maintain pressure on the unit?

I have fixed similar problems in the HP42 and HP48 machines by removing all the covers and dropping the machine in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with distilled water. I then drain out the machine shake it well, repeat everything three times, then dry the machine for a couple of days in an oven on low (or in a hot car with the machine out of direct sun).

AFAIK - The current HP policy on GX support is that anything less than three years old is elgible for an exchange unit at a cost that is slightly less than the original retail price. I would suggest contacting them directly through their 800 number for the latest information