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Full Version: Economist Article: Losing the HP way
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"Two years after Carly Fiorina pulled off a transforming merger, Hewlett-Packard looks huge, frail and confused."

More at http://www.economist.com/business/displayStory.cfm?story_id=3109368


It was bound to happen. I'm not at all surprised.

Sounds like that hit the nail right on the head.

Our good old HP doesn't live anymore, anyway. Carly is only ruining a company bearing the same name by chance coincidence, not more.

She must not be a RPN believer.

Is it just me, or does Carly look like Celine Dion???


Was Carly a member of the TI calculator group TI PPC??

I was the editor and publisher of the newsletter for the TI PPC group from 1983 until the final issue in November 1991. Ms. Fiorina was never a member of our group. You will just have to find something else to blame for your unhappiness with her.


Hi Palmer!!!

I downloaded the TI PPC notes a few days ago and have been reading the issues and enjoying them. The coverage of the TI-59, TI-95, and TI-74 is very nice. My compliments to you for doing a wonderful job. I have been the editor of some programming languages in the 80s and I can relate to you that is a labor of love.

I was a member of the PCC club and I remember Maurice came and gave a presentation at the Univesity ts)of Maryland (where I used to go to meet with _local_ PPC members on Friday nights). I remember we enjoyed Maurice's talk since we felt we were part of the big family of programmable calculators at large.

It's nice to meet you online!


Thank you for the kind words.

My current "labor of love" is working with Richard Nelson, the former editor/publisher of the PPC Calculator Journal, in documenting the "friendly competition" (which one HP competitor once characterized as "all out war") between the HP and TI users in the 1970's and 1980's. So far we have completed coverage of the competitions in calendar printing, factor finding and pi finding. Those should be presented at the coming HHUC conference. I am currently struggling with the writeup on the competition in matrix manipulations.

Hi Palmer,

The "all out war" was way back when, before the PCs became THE personal computers. I think today we all have the common love for handheld calculators. I myself have TI calculators (the TI-200, 89 Titanium and 92+) and really like these machines. I also like the TI-Connect software (it's much friendlier than the HP Connect software) and the support TI has online. TI did not get the lion's share of the market for nothing.

Are you attending the HHC 2004 in San Jose in September?