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Full Version: HP 15C
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I wonder if HP ever remake the HP 15C anymore. This is could be the best pocket scientific calculator. The new 33S is not all good in both quality and design comparing with 15C (made in China)

As many people here know, I am a huge fan of the HP-15C and own several copies. I recently purchased the program MathU Pro for my Palm Tungsten T3 from Creative Creek, http://www.creativecreek.com, which is an HP look-alike and work-alike.

First thing I did was to write an HP-34C / HP-15C -like Solve program for it. After I got it mostly debugged, I ran it through all the examples in Kahan's article on Solve. It was able to get the same results as the HP-15C at each iteration. The icing on the cake was that it found the solution 400 times faster!

Naturally, a refreshed HP-15C would be faster too, but then one of its beloved traits, the fact that its batteries lasted on the order of decades, would surely suffer. Small price to pay I guess.

Hi Nam. If HP ever brings back the 15c it will probably be made in China. Trying to find electronics that are not manufactured in China is a challenge these days.

Chinese assembly line workers are perfectly capable of producing high quality products if given good product design, materials, tools, training, procedures, etc.