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Full Version: HP200LX Lease with Advance Payments
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To anyone who has a 200LX:
Would you be so kind as to try the following solver equation on your unit?
Apparently there are some characters the 200LX does not like:

PMT=(- (1+PTS÷100) × CST – (RV%÷100)×CST × (SPPV ( I%YR ÷ 12 : N ) ) ) ÷ (USPV ( I%YR ÷ 12 : N - #ADV) + #ADV)

AND if it would not be too much trouble, could you please post a version with the problematic characters stripped out?
I don't have a 200LX, otherwise I'd do it myself.

Thanks very much,

Probably the colon symbol as that is used to comment on the Hp27s, Hp17b, Hp19B (which is supposed to be the same solver as the Hp95lx, Hp100lx, and Hp200lx).

But I don't have a 200lx by me either.


Thanks! Of course, the 95lx, 100lx, 200lx use commas instead of colons.
My 95lx display bit the dust last year, so I couldn't try it out.
BUT, I pulled out the manual, which is what I probably should have done in the first place :-)


If you want one, a guy is selling one on ebay at a reasonnable price.You can ask him.

Bob, the 200lx doesn't mind colons instead of commas in solver equations. In your equation you used high ascii for the multiplication symbol (ascii 158) - that would bother the 200LX which just uses ascii42 - the *


Thanks for pointing that out.