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Full Version: Help with HHC 2004
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Hello Gene or anyone else,

I am trying to make reservations at the Radisson hoel where the HHC 2004 rvrnt will be held. I have found one on the internet on north fourth street in San Jose, CA, but they seem to be ignorant of the event and the $69 room rate for teh conference. Can someone email me the info (like the phone number) for the right Radisson hotel???

I really appreciate your help.


Should be:


Radisson Hotel San Jose Airport

1471 North Fourth Street, San Jose California 95112, US

Reservations: 800 333-3333

Telephone: (408) 452-0200 Fax: (408) 437-8819


Thanks Gene!!! See you there!


From the HHC organizer:

"That is the right hotel, number and all . . . Sorry for the inconvenience.  Please call the same Radisson again, and ask for Dee Kellogg, the Catering Sales Manager.  She will straighten it out, and I am sure direct the staff, etc. not to let it happen again. "