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Full Version: 17bii programming
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is it possible to call one formula from another inside a 17bii program, ie to have subroutines?

thanks for any info,

Hi, Hugh;

what I know that is possible (although it is not what you ask for, but may help as well) is saving the results from the "other formula" in a user variable and call this variable contents from another formula.

If you update the "common procedure" before using its results then it works the way I see it, but I don't know if the SOLVE menu will "open" menu keys for both formulas (variables) at the same time. Also, if your experiment lead you to this sort of reasoning, it is more likely that you already know about what I wrote here... ;-)

Not that much for an answer... Should I count it as a 1ยข contribution?



Edited: 1 Aug 2004, 6:58 p.m.

What about the let and get functions? They are supported but undocumented in the 17bii.

I don't understand them well, but they seem to make lots of stuff possible!

the 19bii manual documents the let and get.

And a good example of their use was posted here (find it in the archives) for implementing trigonetrics.