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Full Version: OpenRPN link buttons, theme, and logo
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For anyone who is so inclined we have some artistic needs at the moment. We're working toward a site makeover, an official logo, and some pretty link buttons.

Our site is managed with PostNuke, so any themes will need to be designed for it.

If this isn't your cup of tea, please send a link to our site to anyone you know who might be interested. http://www.openrpn.org

Another new development is coming up: *fix has been being developed in Java... which leaves it conveniently open to being implimented in an online simulator. We're planning to make fully functional java simulations of our machines available to give people a chance to see how they work. If you're interested in taking on such a task send me an e-mail or drop by the forums.

Best Regards,
Hugh Evans
OpenRPN Project Manager