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Full Version: HP33s
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somebody could say where to find application programs for the HP33s


In addition, you can easily "port" any program from the 10c, 11c, and older machines (34c 29c 67 etc) and many (but not matrix and complex math) programs from the 15c.

The Museum CD has the manuals, including the advanced functions handbook from the 15c, available.

If oyu are a surveyor, there are at least two people selling Survey programs on ebay.



(To toot my own horn)

I have written, and posted (here and on comp.sys.hp48) hp 33s routines to do the following:

1) Solve 3x3 linear system of equations (non-destructively).

2) Do bit-fiddling (and, or, not, xor, ...).

3) Sort A through whatever (first n elements of memory).

The nice thing about programming the 33s is that you can not run out of program space - the labels are exhausted much too quickly!