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Full Version: RPN and Micro-Computer Assy Programming
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The thread about Word Size and Memory got me thinking about when I used to do assembly programing on the 8080 and Z80 processors back in the seventies. As I was thinking of this, I realized I got my first HP calculator (HP-25) at that same time.

I'm thinking that one reason I took to RPN so well was that I was already familar with stack operations with the micro-programming and it made perfect logical sense to me.

I'm wondering if others here got similar starts.

NOTE: I do NOT wish to start a RPN vs Whatever debate - I love RPN and have only used HP calculators since that first HP-25. I'm just curious if others had similar experience.

I think that programmers just think different than your average person, especially if you are good at low level programming like assembly. Since RPN is the only way to go in low level programming, it makes sense that people who are good at thinking like a computer would readily take to RPN.


Just in case there are any new people reading this,

Bring Back the HP 15C

I first learned RPN in 1984 with HP-15C, and then in 1986 I started to program Z80 assembler for my Home Computer Sinclair Spectrum.