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Full Version: 82143 Batteries
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Is there a company that will take the old battery pack and replace the bad cells with new ones?

You can easily do that.
You just need a knife and glue.
Buy 4 1.28V rechargeable batteries (42mm x 22mm).
Open the battery pack and replace the old batteries by the newest.

The NiCad Lady company at http://www.nicdlady.com/sendingus.html
I've seen them at electronics swap meets many times. They'll rebuild a battery pack for you and it'll be difficult to tell that it's not right out of the factory.

Just about any good sized city has Batteries Plus and Batteries Etc stores. They will rebuild just about any battery pack. They spot weld the cells together so there is no worry about damaging them with a hot soldering iron. Costs to do the 82143 pack should be $20-$30. I highly recommend using the highest capacity cells they stock.