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Full Version: Anouncing: IQSIM-Project
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I finally got the HP45 Microcode running on a PIC Microchip.
Building a Keyboard with tactile Feedback and a nice LED- Display is easy, so I now have a calc working linke the HP-45 (even the stopwatch works). This calc will be called the IQ-45
I will continue to simulate more of the classics, next is the HP-55.
The Hardware costs are about 20 Euro.
Is anyone interested in the Firmware and Hardware? I don´t have a documentation yet, and if noone is interested, I do not have to compile one. So please answer this thread if you are interested.

Wow Klaus,

That is great!

Do you have any photos?




mail goes to me (bill) at my domain noted above.

Definitely interested!

More details please....


Me too!

OK, I will publish photos how to build the calc, (I don´t want to draw the schematics), a short hardware-description and the PC simulation as soon as possible. I am still improving the PIC-Software, but I will release the files.
Once I have a homepage, I will publish the URL here.