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Full Version: how to open HP 48 GX
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The reason I ask is because my function keys "+", "-", "*" and "/" rarely work anymore. Sometimes if I hit them hard they will work but not always. I want to look at all of the contacts to see if there is anything I can do to resolve this issue. I can't find any screws to remove the top portion.

I've done a search, and only found how to open the HP 49. Someone posted that the 48 should open similar to the 49, but I can't seem to find the 6 heat points in the battery compartment to drill out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1st, try pushing gently but then more firmly as needed, on the bezel, just above the "F" key.

Also, do you find your backspace, 1/x, >, NXT, and F keys sporadic as well?

If so, my suggestion should work.

If you end up wanting to open it up, there is a method which uses no sparp tools and no drilling or cutting. It is saved somewherre at HPcalc.org, "openhp48noDamage" or something like that. The guy who wrote it is named is Pawe, and he is from Poland.

I am emailing you the text of his method---go to hpcalc.org to get the photos.

If you can't find them, I'llemail them, too (big).



The problem seems to only be affecting the function keys that I mentioned. The "1/x" and others in that collumn seems to be fine.

I have a nasty habit of hitting the keys too hard, and obviously the most used keys in a day-to-day operation would be the simple arithmatic function keys.

I would love to see the pics as well. I saw and responded to your email before I came back here to the forum. I'm not sure the text makes quite enough sense without the pics.

Thanks for your time and help.

I will take a stab at opening it up, and if it doesn't look like something I can just clean or fix in a simple manner, I might try the equipment exchange. Although I really don't need the GX model anymore since I am now out of school, and I really just like the layout of the 48 and would do just fine with a 48G. I'm not familiar with the Gii or the 49.

Thanks again!