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Full Version: Spam from for sale section
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Is there someone who can remove my posting on 15 July 2004 regarding looking for a slipcase for a Voyager series calculator (subject was HP12C, 11C, 15C, 16C, 10C slip case (WTB))? I have gotten over 40 emails ranging in I'd like to buy your 12C (hello... I'm not selling anything but looking for something) to ones asking me to invest millions for some loser in Africa or where ever.

Something really needs to be done about this David, as I will never post to that side of the site again due to the problems that it has created.


Password = 12345


I did remove your as requested. It's easy to delete one - all you have to do is enter the reply to email address and press the delete button.

I too have been flooded with "I'll buy your manuals with a certified check" nonsense emails. Don't think there is much we can do about it.


I experienced a flood of Nigerian scams and otehr strange scams that want to buy my "ITEM" (the email is crudly automated and fails to mention what I am really selling .. using the word ITEM instead) and want to see pictures of it, get descrption, and the strangest part was that THE BUYER WOULD ARRANGE FOR ITEM PICK UP!!!!!! Riiiiiiiight!!!

I was born at night ... but it was NOT last night!!


Thanks for the info and the delete Randy.

May I suggest that in the future you use a "disposable" email address.

Speaking of scams, I just got an email from STAN, claiming to be an eBay "international seller" with a 15C for $400 USD that is "factory sealed in its original box and it comes with 1 year worldwide warranty from manufactury". Right...

Chris W

I can understand your frustration.

I am doing two things to minimize spam,

(a) I use disposable addresses. I have my own domain name, and I simply generate email addresses by using random combinations of 7 character names (lower case alpha and numeric). I then alias these addresses to my real account. After 1-2 spam messages I simply delete them (or forward them to some other spammer :-).

(b) I include my address as a bitmap. For example, this is the address for the series80.org site.

While a determined attacker can isolate the address from the bitmap, few bother to do so, as its too labor intensive. They just do ASCII scans for strings that look like email addresses.


In many cases you can put spaces in the address as above. At least for now, automated address sniffers will bypass it and it requires human intervention to use it.

Didn't Dave say that the next revision of the Forum would have a capability like "forwarding" messages between registered users that have their e-mail addresses undisclosed? I suppose that that would apply to the "Classified Ads" as well, and would seem to pretty much solve the problem. See this post from Dave.