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Full Version: My website (HP-41, TI-57, Graphoplex 620d, HP Portable +, ...)
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Here is the link to my website.

It's actually in french and I have to reformat all the pages due to lycos right bar.
Only five are available :
- home page
- HP41
- create your EPROMs for EPROM Box (Création d'EPROMs pour lecteur d'EPROM),
- for sale (A vendre).
Any suggestion here or send me a mail.
Thanks for interest. Kind regards from Normandy.

Edited: 25 July 2004, 2:43 p.m.

Thanks for posting the site. I look forward to understanding how to burn the EPROM's for the HHP Portable EPROM. I was wondering if you will also be posting in english?
Best Regards,

Hi Emmanuel!

Just a little late... not too much I hope :-) to publicly congratulate for your new page, thank you for the knowledge you share and (specially) for the Clonix41 section.

I'll mail you in short.

Best wishes and keep up the good job!!


Hi Emmanuel,

My mother-in-law has a set of hand-painted dishes (white stoneware) which are noted as being from "Quimper."

Small world? Is Quimper known for this sort of thing?



Dear Bill,
Yes, Quimper is known for its pieces of earthware (crockery).
HB Henriot are the more famous ones.
Please visit their website.
Kenavo !

Edited: 29 July 2004, 6:47 a.m.

I grew up eating my oatmeal from Quimper bowls, and my spinach from Quimper plates -- for my mother taught French and adored France, especially Normandie et Bretagne.

Many years later, in 1980, I visited the HB Henriot factory in Quimper, to see the women painting the dishes, and to buy some new plates and bowls that had not been chipped by little boys. As I took too long in making my selection, my 3-year-old daughter became restive, swirled around in a little dance, lost her balance, and crashed against a stack of costly dishes, damaging many. The factory representative was most kind and generous, saying that I could have all the damaged dishes at half price. So now I eat off Quimper bearing the marks and memories not only of my childhood, but more preciously, that of my daughter.

Check out the prices of old Quimper dishes on eBay. They rival those of old HP calculators!

Greetings to Emmanuel and beautiful Normandie,


Thanks, Tom. You are welcome. ;o)