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Full Version: Old RPN Calculator joke
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Try this with your old classic series HP.
(Hint it works best with an HP-35 because there is no
0 before the decimal mark.) This was taught to me in the '70s by an Aerospace engineer.

On the 25'th day of December
Santa entered his home.

[25] [ENTER]

Mrs. Claus wanted to make a point.


Santa said Nein, Nein, Oh Oh Oh Oh Nein! Nein!
many many times

[99000099] [X]

Mrs Claus said I'll have to get over that.


And Santa said.....(Turn display upside down)


Hello Steve,

this is great! :D

I have another for the classical LCD's calcs:

Who was the winner of the slump in the USA at 70's?

Type into your calc the follows (RPN, use FIX0):

337 x^2 8424 x^2 +

then turn the calc upside down.




this was very interesting to me, and I found a page about 'calculator-words': http://www.langmaker.com/othblgshezi.htm


You need help! :)

I woke my worn out ol' 34C up out of its hibernation just for this, even through the unlit segments (battery low and no amount of pressing the case or keyboard or window will do it), I got it.

Thanks, even if a tad early!