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Full Version: 82143A printer help
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Hello all,
I purchased a used 82143A printer for my 41C. The print out fades to the left. That is, when 12345678 is printed, the 123 are barely visible, 4 and 5 are faded, 678 are the darkest. Any ideas?
Thanks Mike H

Chances are it's a bad battery... They're real power pigs and you absolutely need a good battery to avoid this and other strange behaviours. Put a scope on the battery - you'll see the voltage drop as the head starts moving, the longer it runs, the lower the voltage, the dimmer the printing.

The platen that backs up the paper may be out of position. The platen has a groove on the back of it that rests on a ridge in the print mechanism. It is basically held in place with springs at each end.

Works Great

Mike H