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Full Version: TI-95 Emulator for Windows (Slightly Off-Topic)
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I know it doesn’t have anything to do with HP calculators, but I just uploaded my Texas Instruments TI-95 Emulator for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP to http://hrastprogrammer.tripod.com/TI95E/TI95E.ZIP. Installation instructions haven’t been provided because the archive contains only one file (TI95E.EXE) containing the emulator. It is free for non-commercial use so no one can say that I don’t give anything for free :-)

As this is a true emulator emulating TMS70C46 CPU, you’ll need ROM listings from http://www.rskey.org/ti95rom.htm - just download them and store all files into the same directory where TI95E.EXE has been stored and run the emulator.

I am looking for the ROM dump of Mathematics, Statistics and Chemical Engineering modules so I can load them into the emulator. Furthermore, with the appropriate ROM, I can emulate TI-74 BASIC calculator, as well (because they share the same design). But, I currently don’t have this ROM so if anyone would like to dump and send it to me ...

Best regards.

You download link isn't working...

123456 to delete

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All is fine here...


Use IE, Firefox doesn't work :(

I can open the main page but when I try to download I receive this message:

"This file is hosted by Tripod, a Lycos®Network Site, and is not available for download.
Please check out Tripod's Help system for more information about Remote Loading and our Remote Loading policy."

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Right-click on the file and 'Save Target As ...' is working as expected :-)

I don't know why Tripod blocks the download if you click directly on the link but I don't bother with this because I am searching for another provider, anyway.

Best regards.

Ok, this way works! 8-)

BTW nice work!

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It works but anyone knows how to get a copy of the manual?

I have the TI-74 and some cartridge. HOw can i upload the ROM of the 74 for you? I only have the cassette interface to plug the TI-74, can i built a PC link easily?


Hmm...maybe you could release your 42S emulator for the Qonos HP 49G emulator for free?
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Hmm...maybe you could release your 42S emulator for the Qonos HP 49G emulator for free?

Hmm ... no.


Unfortunatelly, you need PC Link to dump the ROM. Another problem is that both TI-95 and TI-74 ROMs are (partially, from #C000 to #DFFF) bank-switched which makes dumping more difficult.

I don't know if PC link can be easilly built but there is some info about TI-74 on ftp://ftp.whtech.com/Hexbus-%20CC40+TI74/ and perhaps you can find something useful here.

Best regards.

You can download one here: http://www.reher.de/handheld-pc/ti-95.html ...

Best regards.

I just setup a new home on Geocities (http://www.geocities.com/hrastprogrammer) because Tripod really starts irritating me with all these banners and search frames.

Old page will remain on Tripod for some time until I will be convinced that Geocities is working properly.

The list of files available for download (including demo versions and TI-95 emulator) is on the bottom of main page. Info and installation instructions are on the appropriate pages (which are accessible from the main page).

Let me know if you have download problems from new locations.

Best regards.

I am elated to see an emulator for the TI-95. It is a worthy successor for the TI-59 and a good cmpetitor for the HP-41C. Unfortunately, TI's timing and the 95's lack of MULTIPLE ports failed to make a star out of the TI-95. I have bought a few TI-95 from eBay and enjoy programming them.

Thanks for a cool emulator!!!!!!!


I have the mathematics, statistics and chemical engineering modules, but they are in storage at my winter home. I may also have a printout of the code for the mathematics module which was developed by SeTIc, a followon to the TISOFT organization. I should be able to check on this by the end of August.

I should be able to check on this by the end of August.

Thanks ...

I just noticed that 'PC_interface.png' file on this FTP server isn't a picture of the interface but, instead, the schematics of the interface ...