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Full Version: 49G: Cable question: Overhead display cable to PC/Mac?
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Hi. Just got in my 49G and the overhead display unit to use in class.

I noticed that it comes with a cable to connect the 49G to the Overhead display.

This cable has the proper 10 pin connector to plug into the 49G and appears to have what looks like a macintosh standard serial connector on the other.

Does anyone know if this cable will work to hook up the 49G to a Mac?

(I'm assuming, of course, that the 49G and the mac can/will talk to each other...I remember early on many had lots of problems with that!).


As far as I know, the cable delivered with the 49 G is to communicate only with another 49G. If you want to talk to a mac or a PC with your 49G, you'll need to buy the spcial cable and software.