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Full Version: How can I get DC-100 tapes used in the 9815A ?
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Does anybody know something about that ? (possibly new tapes). The tapes were an industry standard long ago, so maybe somebody has a lot of then lying around...

I'd also be interested in the software tapes that were present for this machine.

These are like normal cassettes with a large slice out of the back of them?

I saw a whole heap of them at an auction viewing here recently.

Unfortunatly I didn't buy them. I wasn't at the auction, and I didn't think them worth putting in an absentee bid.

A company I was working for 15 years ago was disposing of theirs back then.

But if I see any again... What would you (or anyone) be prepared to pay for them? If I know that I will know what to bid for them. I have no use for them, but I'd be prepared to pass them on to anyone who does.

I just bought some of these for my 9815s. They're still made by Imation. The proper deisignation is: DC100A - Imation part #46154-9. Here are a couple places that sell them on-line.



They go for $25 to $35 each depending on who you buy from how fast you need them and how many you get. The people at the company in the first URL are really, really nice to deal with! Expensive, but free next-day delivery! (I love (nearly) instant gratification!)


Great! Thanks. I'll try to find a European seller for the tapes. The first company ships only items for $200 or more overseas and I have yet to try out my 9815 (quality of tape drive) . I found, that these tapes also fit for the HP-80 series and the 9825 and 9845 series.

I've found the second supplier with a serarch on Altavista, but I wasn't sure, if these were the correct tapes...

The imation number is the important point. Guess, I can order it here in Austria without the hassles of international shipping.

> They go for $25 to $35 each depending

Wow!!! I should have put in a bid for them. I was wondering if I should risk shelling out $20 for 40 or 50 of these tapes.

Oh well, next time...