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Full Version: Grease in on/off switch HP45
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Wat kind of grease can you use for the on/off switch in the classic calculators serie?
I have a heavy greasy for ball bearing with teflon in it, so it is viscous enough not to flow away and is real lubricating, but .......??

Any suggestion, comments ?

Thank you.


I've put Silicone : HALF A TENTH OF A DROPLET in my 35, 67,22,21 & 25 with success.

However, I would advise NOT to inject it with the usual spray as it would be to much a quantity.

I dismounted the calculator and added silicone just on the on/off or pgm/run switches.

Hope it helps.


I have used Permatex Superlube teflon based grease, Radio Shack Lube Gel, or Dow 111 vacuum grease.

Radio Shack Lube Gel (p/n 64-2326)

Others have recommended this lubricant, which I plan to use on the slide switches on my 34C's.

Thank you, I just ordered the grease.

I am a bit afraid if the grease I use today is to acid and will, in time, eat away the copper contacts itself.

I've been using it for about 5 years on many calculators with no damage to the contacts. I wouldn't (and don't) worry about it eating away the copper.