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Full Version: Rechageable batteries for HP-41
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Do you know if exist rechargeable batteries for the HP-41 i "N" format. The same as alkaline model?

Yes, they exist.

GP Batteries lists them here : http://www.gpina.com/industrial/batteries/NiMH/NiMHspecs.htm
- look for GP45NH down the page.

There was a ebay auction for something like that, but it was a few weeks ago.

They are available in Brazil, but shipping would be too expensive for this.


Do you have an estimative of price in Brazil, Renato? I'm interested, as I could find only 4 in BH...

Not expensive. If I recall correctly, around R$6 each, at Santa Ifigenia in São Paulo - two stores had them, but I do not have their names or phone.

STA-Eletronica should have it, but I could not find in their catalog. They also have N-Size alkaline at R$2.47. See http://www.sta-eletronica.com.br/loja/. Unfortunately they only accept orders above R$200 - if you need more expensive batteries...


I have very positive experiences with http://www.powerstoredirect.co.uk/erol.html#270x0&&

Delivery in 3 days to the Netherlands, have all sizes that fit in the HP series (very small in original HP 41 recharcheable bett. set to ones that fit in the printers).

Highly recommended (I do not have any shares etc. in that firm only positive experperiences)



I hate to say this, but to buy the NiCad 'N' cells on ebay is dumb! You can buy the best hi-capacity 230mah 'N' cells at Radio Shack.


Oh boy yes! If it's on eBay it must be special.

Actually, not only can you buy NiCad N cells at Radio Shack but you can also get NiMH N cells. You may have to check different Radio Shack stores as apparently not all stores carry them. They work great in my 41(s). Been using them for the past 4-5 years without problem. They appear rated to be a 1-to-1 match for their NiCad cells.

I see you point. Many readers of this forum do not live in USA, or anywhere close to a R-S store. Maybe I´m really dumb .... but I could not find these batteries at R-S web site.

Sorry, Since I've got 5 RS stores within a 20 mile radius I don't use the web site very often its easier to order in store if I have to and I don't have to pay up front or with a credit card.
The N-size NiMH rechargeables are often not on the Radio Shack web site. The Radio Shack part number is 23-521 and the cost was $7 or $8 (US) for a 2 pack. I tend to check the battery display whenever I'm in a RS store and if I see the N-NiMH packs I grab some.

Might have to find these in stores...or they may have been discontinued. :-(


Hello Renato,
look at this:

It's a shop in Germany where you can get the GP 50 NH (500mA NiMH). They deliver worldwide, AFAIK.