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Full Version: Scam emails from Classified Ads
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I posted an ad in the Classified section of this website recently. I received 3 legitimate responses (or they seem so) and about a dozen obvious scam messages. You know the ones: poor english, offer to pay with cashier's check that just happens to be more than the purchase price, just send along the extra cash in the package, etc. What a pain. Has anyone else experienced this?

Not on this site, but on others.

Yes it does occur. They are pretty obvious though...

I had the same problem too, I had 3 offers, one who offered me $1500 for my windows 1.03 !! He only had a check of $5000 and wanted me to arrange to pay the difference ... I just wonder if they really try to abuse someone (it's too obvious to abuse anyone) or just collect valid e-mail addresses of people who answer in order to sell them to spammers.

I know it is hard to believe, but there are actually people who bite on these scams...