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Full Version: Unit step u(x)
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here we go :: u(x)=1 if t > 0 and u(x)=0 if t<0
I want to graph this function how you do this ??

You can use IFT and IFTE in algebraics. Another related topic is TRUTH plot.
And how about RTFM ?

Give me a little idea what ya talking about ??


"RTFM" = 'Read The Friggin' Manual' (or substitute your favorite F-word).

I think the other respondent said this because most all of of your posts are "How do I..." questions regarding standard tasks, all of which can be readily answered by reading the manual. And this forum primarily pertains to those of us collecting older HP calculators.

If you had a unique problem, found a true calculator 'bug', or needed to use your calc in a highly unusual way, that's one thing, and we'd be glad to help. But having other people do your homework is not really why we're here.


San Jose

Billy boy understanding is not stupidity. I have contributed like any other persons or person here . what's up with that ? I'm a electrical engineer but what good if I redesign hp I could but lot of work or until you guys organized your idea to a platform

this is the wrong place for basic programming questions - this is "The Museum of HP Calculators"

Go ask on comp.sys.hp48

Hello, try this:


In your case: XJUMP=0, XBEFORE=0, XAFTER=1

Use STEQ, then DRAW with INDEP 'X' var.


Harrington wrote:

Billy boy understanding is not stupidity. I have contributed like any other persons or person here . what's up with that ? I'm a electrical engineer but what good if I redesign hp I could but lot of work or until you guys organized your idea to a platform

I'd like to respond to your insult/question/statement (whatever it is?) above with another very recent quote (it may sound familiar to you):

Give me a little idea what ya talking about ??

For what it's worth, I had no problem understanding Raymond's reply to your original question, which prompted your second quote above. They are standard commands/functions from the manual. Do you have a manual?

In the past, Harrington, other forum responses to your questions have been polite and patient. They have helped you with programming and have directed you to sites (and now manuals) that are right up your alley toward the questions you ask. From what I can tell, you haven't headed their advice. Have you ever posted questions at comp.sys.hp48? From what I can tell, I haven't seen this happen yet.

Naturally, people's patience run out when they've tried to provide appropriate means of assistance and have been ignored.

Some final pieces of advice (even if you didn't ask for it): When posting your programs here, it can very useful to format your listing using Dave's advanced formatting techniques. Notice an example of Valentin Albillo's excellent formatting usage here. You can test how your formatting will look by experimenting with the Preview First button, and then pressing your browser's Back button to go back and edit and experiment some more. When you're happy with the look of your post, simply press the Post Now button (at the top of the Message Preview screen).

Finally, and most importantly, before you Post your messages, please, please proof-read your sentences to see that they are Clearly written (read it out-loud word-for-word to see if it makes sense when you speak it) so the end-user can understand what you are asking.

Just trying to help, really,



I know! His posts are really difficult to understand given his writing skills. And they are really more apropos to comp.sys.hp48.

You'd figure a person looking for assistance would at least posit well-written/well-staed questions.


"Harrington" --

Billy boy understanding is not stupidity.

Huh?!? Even when you attempt to denigrate someone, your ideas and syntax are incomprehensible.

I have contributed like any other persons or person here .

Your so-called "contributions" haven't amounted to jack squat. Every one has been a sloppy, unproofread, and barely-decipherable request for programming help that would have been better directed to the calculator's manual or comp.sys.hp48.

FTI, this is a privately-sponsored forum intended primarily for enthusiasts of the well-engineered, user-friendly HP calculators of the 1970's and 1980's. The 48 and its successors aren't really the focus.

what's up with that ?

That's what most of us wonder every time we read one of your illiterate communiques.

I'm a electrical engineer

If that is indeed true, heaven help our society if you are out there designing products or systems that people use and trust. I'd say that you are a poster child for a failing educational system somewhere.

but what good if I redesign hp I could but lot of work or until you guys organized your idea to a platform

Whaaaat?!? Is your brain scrambled?


Edited: 27 June 2004, 3:11 a.m.

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It's a shame that the first time you post an almost-coherent message, it turns out to be a slam against a helpful and well-respected person. Don't be surprised if the rest of us lose interest even in trying to understand you well enough to help you after this.


I have refrained from involving myself in your questions, but have observed your presence here for some time.

First, I must note that your posts, though frequent, are often trival questions, sophomorically presented, and repetitive. But they have been met, for some weeks, with the utmost patience and deference.

This forum is very international. The regulars here, and in fact even the occasionals, seem to not only understand that, but also revel in it. To that extent, it is common to see varaiations in presentation of the English language. However, those who have a different primary tongue have, even where their idioms and grammar are imperfect (or as I prefer to say, colorful, or fun), try--and demonstrate--care in choosing their words, spelling, etc, so as to do their best. We all make some spelling mistakes; it is a forum, not a work product--but you will find that the ethos of this virtual place is one where quality is to be savored.

I must differentiate this forum from "newgroups". It is most definitely not one---it is more personal.

My final advice would be to observe the culture before attacking it. We here have weathered virtual storms before--and most are willing to make amends when apologies are proffered.

Regards,( and do read the manual, please--you will then have better questions that are more fun to answer!) :-)


p.s. you should also password your posts--then you can either edit or remove them later!

You just keep digging a deeper hole for yourself.

You "point the swore" at me?
I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Gee, I didn't want this to turn into a p**ing match but after that last reply I rest my case.

Comparing me with Osama bin Laden?
If that weren't so egregiously over-the-top, it'd be funny. For the record, I had a pork chop and a beer for dinner on Saturday night so I've probably completely failed the Al Qaeda entrance exam, though I have been pretty handy with an AKM rifle.

San Jose

That's OK

We will not let you eat pork


All your base are belong to us.

ren wrote:

All your base are belong to us

Ahh, that's the line I was thinking of - couldn't remember it exact enough to quote/insert in my prior post.


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