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Full Version: I want to put graphic in my program??
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Do you know of any program that will be a help ?? what I want do do is to draw schmatic to my program EX l;ike a circuit or a truss??

Have you considered to take a look into the user manual?

There you'll find all graphic related programmable functions.

Else: www.hpcalc.org , and the suitable newsgroup is: comp.sys.hp48 .

To get you started:

1. Get the Plot Menu (81 MENU) [or you can type the commands], hit the ERASE command. This clears your "graphics" screen.

2. On the graphics screen, use EDIT to access your drawing tools. The Mark (*) gets a little of used to, so you may have to draw your diagram a few times before you get it right. Chapter 12 of the Manual is a good source to consult.

3. There is no "easy" way of inserting text on the graphics screen, but this program may help. First on the drawing screen, hit EDIT, then ->X,Y, then hit ON once/twice to get back to the Home Screen. Assuming you are in RPN mode, type your string and run this program:

<<1 ->GROB PICT ROT C->PX ROT GXOR PICTURE>> (I named it PText)

4. When you are finished on the graphing screen, hit PICT->. Pictures are saved the same way as programs.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for ya help I got idea thanks