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Full Version: HP82162A IL-Printer slow
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today i tried my HP82162A Thermal Printer with a new batterypack. It works, but the printing head works extremely slow, even there is sufficient voltage. Where to put the drop of oil?

Thank you



Before oiling I would check if paper is properly positioned with the right side on top. Check also if plate which pushes from the back to the paper at the place were the printerhead moves back and force can move freely (is loaded with a small spring) and the linnen like stuff is in place and not sticky. Difficult to see, but use a magnifier glass and you probably can diagnose.
If no succes, open drive and see if rubber belt is not slipping.
Third: a miniscule drop of oil on the bearfings of the electromotor axle and last a snuff of teflon enhanced grease on the spiral axle and bearings which drives the head.
Whatever you do, be very carefull, the printhead has a couple of thermistors in the surface which actually make the dots and these are very sensitive, before you know you end up with a smoothly running, but not printing printer. Never-ever remove the printhead itself unless you are real brave. I found out the hard way one time.

Please feedback your results to the forum.



Hallo Ronald,

thank you very much for your hints.

Yesterday i tried the following and it works.

As the printer sends an error message to the calculator due to the slow motion, I have send "prx" to print only one line without error. I have send this several times to the printer and after a while the printhead moved faster and faster an the error message did not appear any more.
After that I tried "Prreg" and after some tries the head moved still faster.
Today morning the printer still works fine, so I believe, that the problem is solved.
I made a printout of your posting. When the slow motion will appear again in the next weeks, I will post it here.

Thank you once again for your help.


The motor drives the printhead via a small rubber belt. Over time the belt stretches and begins to slip. Also dirt and paper dust in the drive screw can gum up the works.