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Full Version: Value of a HP-41C Option 001, Blanknut
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Any idea what this calculator would be worth.

It is really a 41C, manuals, no box, very good condition, keys are as new, no sratches all port covers and battery door present.



It's only worth as much as someone was willing to pay?

It is hard to establish a value as there is little to use as comparison. A decent C fetches about $75-$100 these days so it would not be unreasonable to see it go for at least $150 to $200.00. Is it worth it? Only to some. Certainly my opinion only and subject to debate since there are many variables and "very good condition" is a very subjective thing, especially on eBay. One sellers' gold is another buyer's lead.

FWIW, I sold a CX half/blanknut last year via a MoHPC FSBO classified for $250.00. It was like new in every way.

Edited: 18 June 2004, 10:54 p.m.

Thank you for your information.

On Ebay also one is on offer right now which will expire June 20.