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Full Version: ebay games pac too expensive!
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See: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=58042&item=5703836427

$172 for a games pac is too much :-)

Here we go again.

What do you mean by "too expensive" the seller shouldn't be selling it for all this money? or that the buyer (or rather buyers, because 2-3 people were willing to go that high) shouldn't be bidding so high?

I believe that you can get both the games and manual on the MoHPC CDROM, so playing the games was presumably not the reason the buyers were willing to spend all this money.

But its their money, and they can do whatever thay want with it, so spending it on the Games pac is none of your (or my) business.

Besides, raising the prices is good for us since it raises the value of our collections.


It's not too expensive if you are the seller... but the typical price for this is around $30.

Sorry, only wanted to know the opinions

The best way to buy for a fair price is wait, wait and wait.
And there is a moment you will find your little treausure for a good price.


I think Samson Cables have a secondhand games pack for $29.95, I personally thought that was to much. I picked up the same pack for $11.00. I agree if you are prepared to wait, you will find a bargain or two.