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Full Version: HP-80
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In general surfing is fun.

Especially when you find something like this.

(DM 2100.= would be about 1000 euros today)

But it seems to be a HP35. A HP80 lokks differently and would not have made much sense for their applications.


You're right, but would an HP-35 have cost that much?

I think they just couldn't find an HP-80 picture and they did buy the latter for the financial capabilities.

(May be I'll send an e-mail one day and just ask....)

HP-35, or HP-80, I doubt that they managed to buy one in 1971! The first one (the '35) came out in 1972 (according to the MoHPC listing - which also matches my memory).

Maybe they just took a look onto the serial number, which started with 1143A on early machines, and adapted that date?
Just a guess.