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Full Version: HP 41C Battery Contacts Repairable?
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Hello all.
I just got my hands on a very nice 41C. Although you could say it does not have any "blemishes ;)", the battery contacts are toast. Is this repairable. Since I got it for cheap, I need to determine if I want to send it back, sell it for parts, are try a repair.
Thanks 1111

If you want to try the sticky copper foil method of repairing the contacts i can mail you enough sheet to do a couple of calcs (you know: enough to do it once, and some more to do it right the second time :-)

Thanks db. Email me at the adress above and we can set it up.

Hi db,

I Neet it too. How can I get it? Do you have a kind of tutorial to make it easy for a simple man? Thanks. Pio

The best way to repair 41 battery contacts is with 1/8" (3 mm) brass channel that is available in hobby stores. Cut a 1/4" (6mm) long piece for each terminal and solder over nasty, rotted battery connection points. Repaired in this way, the connector will outlast the remainder of the calculator.

If the connector is really rotted, you'll need to scrape the film off where the long flat sides of the brass meets the connector to be able to solder it in place. You must use a good, temperature controlled soldering iron or you'll destroy the connector.


Thanks a lot for the real visual thing.


The photo that Randy sent is a prettier version of what i did. That solid chanel looks like a great improvement over the bendy sheet that i have. You might use conductive paint instead of soldering to a plastic ribbon connector.

I'll email you Marx.