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Just got my hands on a HP48GII. The buttons are beautiful. I spent more for a 49G+ and the buttons are trash. Anyone else has a 48GII?

Hi Naim,

So, can you describe the difference between the 48GII and the 49G+ buttons in more detail? The machines look identical except for color--I wonder what they did differently?

What is the serial number on your 49G+? on your 48GII?

Do you have a 33s? If so, can you describe the difference between the 48GII and the 33s?

How do you like the 33s and hte 48GII against earlier models? For instance, the 48GX? or against the pioneers? etc etc.

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Bill, My 49G+'s serial number is CN33305934. The 48GII isn't mine but the serial number is CN40505929. The best keyboard I used is probably my new in box HP41CX. The pioneers and GX are great. But although the GII's key were not as good as these mentioned, it's really an improvement on my G+. I mean it's fast, pretty and the buttons are quiet [a real conversation starter]. Honestly if my 49G+ had buttons as good as these, I won't complain. I'd drop my GX in a second. I think [maybe it's my imagination] that the 48GII runs a bit faster than the 49G+.
Anyway, I should have my 33S by Monday next week, so then I'll judge it's keyboard. Other than that, if someone could confirm that the 48GII's keyboard better than the 49G+ that would be great.

IF you were an 'early adopter' of the 49g+, chances are you have a poor keyboard. Ring HP and ask for an exchange.

Hi All ...
I was one of the 'early adopters' of the 49G+ and I had it replaced by HP, the keyboard was trash indeed.
On the new upgraded model the improvement is very noticeable, but the 48GII' keyboard is much better.
I would say that the keyboards on my 33S and 48GII are about the same, but not as good as the 41CV, or the Pioneeer series.
Serial numbers for my calcs:
49G+: CN40203783



Thanks Roberto. I think I'll be getting a 48GII.