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Full Version: Programming a Matrix(hp49G+) ?
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I would like to take a value from the stack place it into a matrix, and get an ouput value.

I have tried << -> x '[[cos(x),sin(x)][sin(x),cos(x)]]'>>
I get a "bad argument error'
Normal equation work.

Does anyone know how to do this?



Hi, Barry;

I remember that till the HP48, all arguments possible in an array are numbers, even complex (not sure if bunaries are allowed as well... I think not). I don't recall having algebraics as array "arguments".

anyway, you can arrange your expressions in lists and disassemble/reassemble: turn lists into arrays. If I am not wrogn, the HP49G+ has some new features for this.

Also, having the expressions organized in lists, like

{{cos(x) sin(x)}{sin(x) cos(x)}}
allows you to use a handy command: DOLISTS (also DOSUBS may help, depending on what you want).

I guess SYS RPL guys may have other possibilities. I'm starting to read about SYS RPL, and there are many interesting things there... It's a new world.

Hope you succeed. If not, post again.


Luiz (Brazil)

<< -> x '[[cos(x),sin(x)][sin(x),cos(x)]]'>>
I get a "bad argument error' Normal equation work.

You need an ALGebraic side trick:
<< -> x << `[[COS(x),SIN(x)]
[SIN(x),COS(x)]]` >> >>
BYTES # 917Bh 92.5

You could also use a pure RPN program:
<< -> x <<
[[ 'COS(X)' 'SIN(X)' ]
[ 'SIN(X)' 'COS(X)' ]] 'X' x
= SUBST ->NUM >> >>
BYTES # D351h 109.5

You may leave the ->NUM away if you want to do it manually.
[V P N]