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Full Version: Metal overlays for HP-41
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Some weeks ago I bought 10 new metal overlays from a Austrian doctor for 2Euro a piece. After receiving the overlays I contacted him, cause I am absolutely not satisfied with the quality of the overlays. Have a look at the two pictures.

The frontside is coloured and scratched from the machine.
The backside has terribly scratched and has small pieces of liquided metal on it. If you put this on your calculator you will have scratches on it immediatly.
This is his answer:

1. You are a collector and so you have higher demands that my other clients.
2. All other clients are satisfied.
3. After consultation with the manufactor he told me, that no more quality is possible.

Dr. X told me, I could send back the overlays, so I could cancel the deal, but I will not, cause shipping price would cost nearly the same as the overlays. I only want to inform you about this. It's your decision to buy such overlays.


Just out of curiosity: what's the supposed benefit a metal overlay brings to the system? Afraid I fail to see it...


You know.. collecting... If you can built me a cheese overlay, I will buy it... :)


A few minutes with a scotchbrite flap wheel in a die grinder or dremel will clean that up nicely.

Precision cut cheese overlays for the HP-41 calculator will soon be made available to the public. A full production run has been complete for several months, but distribution has been stalled out of concerns over releasing the cheese before it is properly aged. You can also look for aersolized cheese spray-on overlays in the coming months.

There is also a choice of cheese: Provalone gives a rubbery feel and is quite tough and puts up with abuses; for high contrast in below freezing work, camembert gives good resutls as it is not brittle-just be sure not to use it as the temperature rises.

1234 for OpenRPN to delete

At last the long wait is over! Thanks for that... and the good laugh.

Best, AM

Under test here in France :

- a camembert overlay (still a few stability problems)

- an emmenthal/gruyère overlay (still a few issues to align the holes with the Hp41 keys)