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Full Version: HP67 battery
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Where can I get a battery pack for my HP67? Or a kludge to use in its place?

Mark Hoskins (waterhosko) sells those batteries on ebay for about $20. They are nicely rebuilt NiCd with about 600 mAh capacity. However, you can do it yourself with 3xAA pack NiMH batteries that fit into Panasonic (and some other) cordless phones. You get more capacity - 1300 mAh, I think. All you need to do is trim the little wires (black and red) and solder them to two metal tabs that you should shape and put between the cells. I have made several of these packs and they work great. You also need to make couple of spacers around the cells since the batteries are smaller then the original plastic pack so they stay in place and don't move around. I can send you some photos if you would like.


That's exactly what I've done - it works great. See over in the "Collecting & Using" area for numerous articles on battery pack rebuilding. In addition to repurposing the occasional cell phone battery, I've had good luck with the Digikey batteries that Katie Wass lists in her article. Self-adhesive rubber weatherstripping serves as an excellent spacing material to stick on the ends of your assembled Classic pack, just trim it so it's nice and neat.