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Full Version: ZEPROM (for HP-41) at Ebay ?
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There are two GUNZEN Artillery HP-41 at ebay. They are still extremely cheap (28 bucks):




Does anyone know if they carry these extremely rare and valuable ZEPROM modules ?

I think one GUNZEN normally carries two ZEPROM modules with 48 kByte total. Ebay value of one ZEPROM is 250 Euro I believe.

One ZEPROM has 24 kByte of re-programmable Eprom placed in a normal ROM module. It can be reprogrammed by ZEPROM burner or by some guy (maybe Matias Werli or was it someone else?) who offers such a service to burn them.


Edited: 4 June 2004, 6:31 a.m.

Hi Ray.

A Gunzen only carries two simple ROMS (AFDC1F-MDP1, AFDC1F-MDP2, but no ZEPROMS.
You are right, the Gunzen was also made by Zengrange, who built also the powerfull ZEPROM.
You are also right that I can programm your ZEPROMS, but more than that I would like to get some more ZEPROMS... Does someone replaced his ZEPROM with a Clonix41 module and wants to sell me his ZEPROM?


Hi Matthias,

no wonder you need more ZEPROMs,
as I saw you now have the 8x burner which Peter once got from me;-)


Hi Raymond,

I like your humor :-))) But also I programm Zeprom !

Regards - Christoph Klug

Interesting, I'm looking for the Zeprom *burner* (the little one) - how about trading it for Zeproms? (so neither one can ever have both together ;-)



As Matthias says the Gunzen has two 8k ROMS.

What I'm not sure about is what *else* does it require to work properly. if you look at the FOCAL code, it's got calls to another ROM, with XROM id#31...

Does anybody know?


Hi Christoph, you've got mail ;-)

Wow, rumours spread fast :)