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Full Version: HP49G+ & HP82240A IR-Printer
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Hello out there,

I newly bought an HP49G+ and tried to print with my old HP82240A IR-Printer - at first it didn't work at all but now - after a few weeks and after using the OLDPRT command - it works.
BUT: the maximum possible distance between printer and calculator is 45 mm (less than 2") (the batteries of both machines are new - and the HP82240A works well together with my old HP28C from a distance from more than 500 mm).
Who knows something about that - Has it to do with the difference between IR and IrDA ?

Thanks for your helpfull information!

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It's just the way it is.

Well, at least the basic system voltage is down to 3.3_V from 5.0_V

Remeber that you still don't need any wires,

Remeber to set the print delay, too.


... the HP49G+ uses less power when transmitting?

I mean, given the lower distance, is it possible that the IR emitter consumes less power? I completely agree with you, VPN, that there are many advantages in using IR "connection", and I myself prefer not worring about wires and physical connections that must be made and undone anytime we want to send (or even receive) data. Did anyone measure the current when the HP49G+ is using IR for output data? And when the HP48 is also sending so we can compare?

I remember that some people complained about the power consumption observed when the HP48 was constantly used to transmit through the IR output (not here at the MoHPC), and that there was no such a reason (except in some particular cases) to use the printer so far from it. Maybe people at Kinpo (with th eHP staff) decided that battery life was more important than printing with a printer far from the calculator.

Anyone measuring the current?


Luiz (Brazil)

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Is the reduced distance an attempt to satisfy concerns about cheating in test situations?


Has all the issues with keys been rectified in the 49G+? I really like the speed and would like another, but really frustrated with all the missed keys.

See this post in particular.