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Full Version: Some new TTF fonts
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Hi, all;

you who are in the need for TTF with characters related to the HP48/49 LCD (and internal code), here goes:

New Font Set

There are three TTF files packed in this zipped file:

hpchr2n.TTF - font name: HP DotMatrix 2

hpchr3n.TTF - font name: HP DotMatrix 3

hpchr1i.TTF - font name: HP DotMatrix 1 Menu (still under development)

Except for the DotMatrix 1 Menu, the other two fonts are considered as Beta release, and I'd like you to tell me what do you think of them, please. The DotMatrix 1 Menu is a inverse-video, Size 1 character set that I developed sometime ago and I'm working on it so it can be improved. The new set WILL CONTAIN all lower-case alphabet (this version still has only upper-case) so it matches the HP49G menu set; also, some characters are in the wrong place (wrong code) but I decided that you're the best judges so I can fix any bugs now instead of redrawing all characters later.

The most important aspect about this Menu font is that it does not match the scale used to draw both DotMatrix 2 and 3. I draw a first sample with the same dot shape, but it didn't work out> It was hard to read because both dots and charactesr were too small for an inverse-video simulation. This particular fact lead me to enlarge all characters typed with DotMatrix 1 Menu after typing them in so they match regular text size with the first font. Now you can mix the KeySet 4 with this DotMatrix 1 Menu i regular text with all characters set to the same size that they coexist peacefully. I'll draw a complete DotMatrix 1 regular later so its charactesr can figure with the other TTF characters already existing.

Please, keep in mind that this DotMatrix 1 Menu set is far from being a Beta release. Not because it has bugs, instead it's because it is not yet finished.

Let me "hear" from you about them, please.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 31 May 2004, 7:18 a.m.

Thanks for the new fonts, I can now create realistic 42S documents.