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Full Version: programming !!!
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I don seen to have this right . the syntax looks ok but ans is not what I should expect when using partial faction decomposition. this is the code:
<< Enter a"{"" ALG} INPUT "'" SWAP + OBJ->
-> a
<< a parfac
Simple problem I don know if I'm doing something worng new to HP

<< Enter a"{"" ALG} INPUT "'" SWAP + OBJ-> -> a << a parfac >> >> 
Should be:
<< "Enter a" {"'" ALG V} INPUT OBJ->
-> a << a PARTFRAC >> >>
BYTES => # 980Ch 71.
BTW: Why do you use a local variable a?

I used the method described above it is giving me error. Do you think I have some flags settings I need to set ? it work in the past before for me this one partial fucnction wouldn't work todat for some reason

Hi, Harrington;

what error do you have? Is it after you input data? If so, what data (and how did you type it in) are you using as input?

Let us know it so we can help you.


Luiz (Brazil)

I typed usind the standard procedure with or with out '' it give error. Other times it will not give error but no solution will be found only the orginal equation enter will be display . what I'm try to accomplished is have user enter a equation at the prompt in RPN mode. when that is entered at the prompt I want << a parfac>> to give the partial expansion of the enter equa.