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Full Version: Auto OFF on HP-41
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A friend of mine has a fullnut 41CX that has its auto OFF shut the calculator in about 10 seconds instead of normal 5 min or so. XEQ "ON" works but only for the current session since the flags 44 clears when manually turned OFF. What I noticed is that after XEQ "ON" and manual OFF/ON, calculator stays ON for a bit longer, say 1 min. However, it falls back to about 10 sec after next OFF/ON.

Does anybody have an explanation for this.


Edited: 28 May 2004, 12:21 p.m.

The power-off time of the 41 is controlled by the display driver hybrid, but it also uses a capacitor on the logic board. The normal cause of the machine turning off too quicking is (as ever for a 41) is bad contacts between the logic PCB and the keyboard PCB, so the capacitor is effectively not connected.