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Full Version: HP41 MLDL2000 Update
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At this moment I am doing some final tests and checks on the MLDL2000 design. I will upload the new specifications (version 1.3) within the next 8 hours or so to www.kuipers.to/hp41.

There are some details to be fixed in routing of the PCBs but that seem to be pretty trivial.

I now have the final quote from the assembly house I will be using. The final price will be very close to EUR 250 (USD 300 at the current rate) if no redesigns are required. Anyone who is sincerely interested should contact me at meindert_at_kuipers_dot_to. Those who communicated with me before about the MLDL2000 do not have to do this, I will contact them personally in the next few days.

I hope to be able to order the proto's and beta units within 2 weeks. If these work out OK the plan is to order a first production batch in 2-3 months from now, depending on feedback from the beta testers.

The MLDL2000 consist of 3 PCBs:
- Interfacing and power, HP41 connector is soldered to this PCB
- USB interface
- Main controller and memory

All 3 PCBS will fit together in a cardreader housing, and some assembly/soldering will be required. I will NOT supply a cardreader housing or HP41 connector, but I will offer the service of assembling the unit to those who do not have the required skills. Once I have the proto's I will make some pictures to show the actual assembly process and how it fits in the cardreader. Any other housing will work as well with a short flatcable connecting to the HP41.
Note that the cardreader will need two holes in it: one for the USB connector or cable and one for access to the configuration switch (a smd dip-switch). But then, who would need a cardreader if you have the MLDL2000?



Dear Meindert,

Best wishes for your actual work about MLDL2000 project. If you are looking for a beta-tester I will help you :-)

Regards - Christoph Klug