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Full Version: HP49G+ to HP48GII
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Just wondering if I can transfer programs made for the 49G+ to a 48GII using the infared. Will it work?



I guess that using ASCII mode without translation will cause any program to be transfered without troubles. I remember that I hhd problems tranfering programs from one HP48G to an HP48S whan in binary mode, but in ASCII there was no problem. And the exclusive HP48G commands were kept as unchanged names, meaning they would be placed in the stack instead of being executed (and generate some error later). If you keep binary mode, some internal calls to addresses not defined may appear.

I guess that´s the only problem: using binary mode. BUT if you are sure that your HP49G program has only valid commands for the HP48, I see no trouble.


Luiz (Brazil)

Should I use ASCII or Binary?

Orininal 48 series requires you to send the data to a PC using ASCII and then receiving it to a 49/48GII using ASCII
The HP-SIR & IrDA do not work together...
SOmebody should port the old 28 to 48 read Printer IR program to the 49 series

In general, an ASCII file from a 48 series works well on a 49 series, but there can be problems with a global name matching a new command name. Also, the 49 series should be in approximate mode when downloading a 48 file to avoid compilng reals as integers.

SOmebody should port the old 28 to 48 read Printer IR program to the 49 series
Called INPRT as released by HP, though I know that there are variations that don't do any remapping from Roman 8 to ECMA 94.

This wouldn't apply to the 49G of course. Maybe from a 28/48 to a 49g+/48gII.

Thank you for the clarifications, 007!
Link to new commands per revision excel sheet:
Calculator Command Comparison Sheet 1.19-6
So that you can check out the possible conflick with new keywords and your file names.
You should also check the reserved variables from your handbook...

I'd figure transfering programs through the PC would probably the only route to go. It just seems possible to transfer through infared since most of the commands (basic that I use) are the same between HPs.

Thanks, VPN.