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Full Version: big jump in counting
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Just happen to notice:

The counter of "pre-ordered" HP-15Cs on Chris Woodhouse's site was (too) slowly approaching the magic number of 1000 for the last few days, but suddenly someone somewhere seems to be interested in about 400 machines to buy should they become available again.

Good news!

Chris' site

Yes there was a big jump. As I write this the count is currently 184 signers from 30 different countries claiming they would buy 1,378 HP 15C calculators if HP started making them again. Seems a few people want to buy a lot of them. A quick check of the DB reveals that 11 people are going to buy 1,050 of the 1,378. With 7 of those buying 100 or 150 each.

The interesting thing is that everyone claiming to be willing to buy more than 20 lives out side the USA, maybe they know of a big market over seas that HP has no clue about. However if you drop out those 11 people and their 1,050, you are left with about 1.9 calculators per person. Which I think is reasonable. I have some comment that they would buy one for every engineer at their company and one in Germany that said he could make it the standard at his University.

My favorite quote is from Paul in NC, "my 15c was the nerve center of my greatest achievements."

Bring Back The

So when are you placing an order with HP? How many units?

I am hoping to get the “signers” count closer to where the “How Many” count is first. I did have someone that works with the calculator planning people at HP say he could pass the info along to them. So tell everyone you can find to go sign the petition :)

Bring Back the HP 15C