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Full Version: 49G+ Bugs in ROM 1.23
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So far, the HP 49G+ Rom 1.23 appears to be pretty stable, although the alarm and time-related bugs (alarm comes on, even when not scheduled, and the clock loses a couple seconds each day)are annoying.

I called HP to ask what they are doing about it but haven't heard back from them. It seems to me, if a product is advertised to have certain features, such as a functioning alarm, the company making that product owes it to the buyer to either make an honest effort to correct the problem or give the money back.

It seems that all time and alarm functions are directly ported from the 48, so maybe the problem is with the clock on the ARM chip. In that case, it may not be possible to correct anything at all.

Any comments, and is anyone aware of other serious bugs in the 1.23 ROM?

49G+ Bugs in ROM 1.23 will be fixed in 1.24


Allright, lets hope for the best and that you're correct. The release of 1.24 could take a while, though.

Hi, Helge;

just reasoning about your post. I don't have an HP49G+ (yet!) but I woudl like to know about one thing. Are these clock-related bugs also observed with previous O.S. version? (1.22, right?) I'm asking this because if the bugs are related only to the 1.23 version, would they be with the ARM clock as well?

I understand that it's possible that the ARM has some specific HW or firmware bug that may be observed (or not) when some particular feature is used. I mean, if the 1.23 version uses resourses not used by 1.22 version and because of this the bugs are observed, that would explain what's going on.

Any other information about this clock/alarm bugs?


Luiz (Brazil)

But as for the clock drifting off a few seconds per day, I wouldn't expect that to be fixed, as it would require hardware improvements. Note that this is normal for the 48/49 series; they aren't intended to be precision timepieces.

If it really bothers you that much, you might try an application like TIMEKEEP on Goodies Disc 9 (see http://www.hpcalc.org/hp48/compilations/horn/) or Timeman (see http://page.mi.fu-berlin.de/~raut/WR49/index.htm). On second thought, these time correction applications depend on control alarms, so perhaps better to wait until any alarm bugs are fixed before trying them.


See http://bugs.hpcalc.org/query.cgi. But the "new" hp calculator developers don't seem to be responding to the bug list, so perhaps the users are neglecting it too. Of course more information about the current RPL models is available in the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup.


Hello Luiz,

yes the alarm-related problems also occur with previous ROMs of the 49G+. I hoped that they would have gotten fixed with 1.23. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

I really like the 49g+, though, it's quite a bit nicer than the 48 in term of response, speed, and the CAS is fantastic. You just can't use the alarms (sigh).