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Full Version: HP9100 schematics
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Has anybody ever seen the detailed schematics for the 9100? I have two dead units that I'd like to fix. The HP service manual that I have only has docs on the power supply, not the real goodies. I contacted the HP historian a few years ago, and she said that 1) she has all this stuff and 2) I can't see it.

I'd also love to talk to anybody who was involved in the design of the 9100s. They are amazing gadgets.




I would love to have a copy of this as well to help me fix my broken 9100A. I didn't realize that HP actually had this in their library -- I thought that it was lost --perhaps we (as a group) might be able to persuade HP to release this information. Dave, have you ever tried to get the 9100 schematics from HP?

HPCC has a reverse-engineered schematic of the 9100B (only -- if somebody wants to give me a 9100A...). Some of this might be applicable to the 9100A as well, but some sections are very different...


You might email the HP archivist and add your influence to my recent request to see this stuff. These masterpieces will wind up in dumpsters if we can't fix them. Heck, I want to *use* my 9100s!



Can you post the email (or snail mail) address of the HP archivist here? This way, those of us who are interested in trying to get HP to make these available can do a (small) letter writing campaign and make sure that the same person receives them.