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Full Version: Specialty Calculators
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A thread (or two, or three, or twenty!) below debates the viability of the 42s etc in the current marketplace.

May I suggest that we may indeed find a maker of these specialty High-Power non graphing calculators--and the "company" will be close at hand----


Keep an eye on what Hugh and company are up too-and get involved!



I would say you hit the nail on the head regarding the high-powered non-graphing calculators. After all, that's where the whole OpenRPN idea started... No one is catering to scientists/engineers who need a durable, reliable machine. (Hydrix appears to be working in that direction) So I thought about it for a while, realized it could be done, and here we are.

The great thing about it is that everyone can have what they've always wanted as every keyboard and overlay will be a one-off.

As far as the 42s goes, I am getting very close to having a developed case and keys for the voyager-like form factor... With all of those logistics ironed out a pioneer based type will show up in renderings soon after. So stayed tuned.

Best Regards,
Hugh Evans