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Full Version: 32SII Program Question
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This is probably a dumb question but I am just starting to take an interest in programming my 32sII (and 33S) calcs. Up to now, I have only written any programs for the 28 and 48 series. I found a program for the 32SII online with the following section:

M15 +/-

M16 29.5361111

M17 \:-

M18 FP

M19 SF 10


What is M17????? I cannot figure out what that represents.

Thanks (sorry if this is a really dumb question).

Just a shot in the dark:

it looks like the author has tried to "draw" the divide-symbol. Perhaps the backslash was meant to "print" the colon and the hyphen on the same place.
Not every function makes sense on the line in question, but division does in my opinion.

Actually the author is using a standard escape sequence for the division symbol. I believe a canonical list of these \ sequences can be found in Craig Finseth's HPDATABase at http://www.finseth.com/hpdata/chars.html.

Mark Hardman